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Interventional Therapy

Interventional therapy is the latest treatment to deal with various types of chronic kidney disease. Because it breaks the limitations on kidney disease treatment, it is used more and more widely in clinic.

What is interventional therapy?

This therapy uses micro catheter to insert into renal blood vessels with the guidance of image documentation equipment. Then, the therapeutic medicines can put in kidney lesions through micro catheter.

Additionally, this therapy can also place stent, repair congenital brain malformation, improve kidney nervous system, remove kidney lesions, and treat kidney diseases. All of these are achieved through micro catheter.

Is interventional therapy a new treatment?

In fact, it isn’t a new therapy, and it has got obvious achievements in other disease treatment. However, it is Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital that firstly applies interventional therapy in kidney disease treatment clinically.

For example, it can treat thrombosis caused by blood disease, ischemia and kidney cysts due to vascular malformation, inflammatory reactions in kidney area and renal region hemangioma.

The four advantages of Interventional Therapy

Until now, this therapy has achieved four great therapeutic effects. They are:

- Make an exact diagnosis: Interventional equipment can diagnose kidney disease which can’t be diagnosed by traditional equipment. This can improve the level of kidney disease diagnosis.

- Achieve the fundamental cure of some kidney diseases: It resolves the relapse of some kidney diseases and achieve their fundamental cure. Hypertensive Nephropathy, Diabetic Nephropathy and kidney disease caused by ischemia reperfusion.

- Treat the damaged kidney area directly: This therapy treats kidney disease through replacing oral taking medicines and transfusion with local using medicines. This can reduce the side effects of medicines and improve the therapeutic effects of medicines.

- Provide a new treatment for refractory kidney disease: For example, the therapeutic effects on kidney cancer have got obvious improvement with interventional therapy. More and more refractory kidney diseases can be managed well through this new therapy.

In summary

If you are suffering from kidney disease, you can consult the doctor online or leave a message to us to learn more about this new therapy. Then, doctors here can determine whether this therapy is suitable for you.