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Service in Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute

In addition to outstanding therapeutic effects, all medical workers in Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute are always striving for high level of all-around service. In order to make foreign patients accept their treatments successfully and comfortably, we mainly provide the following services.

1. Consultation Service

At present, kidney disease is still one big problem in clinic, and many people are tormented by this disease. To help more and more kidney patients fight against their disease more effectively, kidney experts in Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute provide consultation service. According to patients’ medical report and illness description, these experts can give them a lot of useful suggestions and make a preliminary treatment plan for them face to face.

Until now, tens of thousands of kidney patients have got help from consultation service. No matter whether you will come here for treatment, we wish you will regain health.

2. Visa, Invitation Letter Service

As we all know, it isn’t one easy thing to get treatment in a foreign country, so we will try our best to help our foreign patients arrive at our hospital more easily. If patients have applied or had passport, a visa is then needed.

With the great support of Hebei Province and Shijiazhuang City government, we can help patients get an official invitation letter and send it to patients directly. Then, it is enough for patients to apply visa. Of course, they need to send their passport scanning copy to us in advance.

3. Shuttle Service

Huaxia Nephropathy Research Institute is located in Shijiazhuang, near to Beijing. Then, you can reach here through two ways.

Plan 1. You can fly to Beijing Airport (PEK-BEIJING), so we can pick you up in Beijing Airport. Or, you can come to our hospital by train.

Plan 2. You can fly to Zhengding Airport, and we can pick you up directly.

If you have bought air tickets, you can tell us your arriving time. Therefore, we can arrange the car to pick up and arrange your ward.

4. Hospitalization Service

The hospitalization service includes patients’ treatment, daily life and mood.

As long as patients arrive here, doctors will make a physical examination for them to learn patients’ basic medical condition. In the next days, doctors will give them a series of tests. According to tests, kidney experts will make the best treatment plan for their patients.

To make patients feel at home, doctors, nurses and translators will give the biggest help. If patients have any question about their illness condition or problem about their daily life, they will get solution right the first time.

5. Satisfying Curative Service

The whole treatment plan is modified along with patients’ medical condition changes. Generally, patients can find their creatinine level comes down, cotton-like materials appear in urine, they feel more energy, high blood pressure declines, and some other therapeutic effects in the short time. In the following time, their test will show protein in urine declines, GFR increases, kidney function improves, and so on. All of these curative effects reflect the improvement of patients’ kidney condition and overall health condition.

6. Accompanying Service

If patients’ medical condition is stable and want to go shopping or have a short-distance travel, our work stuff will accompany with them to go out. China is one great country that has a lot of historic places. We sure you can get surprise when getting treatment here.

7. Translation Service

Until now, foreign patients from about 97 countries have come here to get treatments. To make them communicate with our doctors smoothly, we have translators who speak different languages such as English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, and so on.

8. Follow-up Service

After finishing the whole treatment here, patients will go back home. To strengthen patients’ therapeutic effects, we provide follow-up service through phone, skype, facebook, whatsapp, video consultation, etc. If patients have any question, they can get help immediately. This can prevent the relapse of kidney disease and maintain patients’ therapeutic effects successfully.

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